Complete back office solutions for your brokerage.

Ready for the Next Generation of Real Estate.

Brokerage Engine was designed from the ground up – by real estate people and for real estate people – in partnership with some of the brightest minds in the technology space. We are a back office management solution for residential real estate brokerages encompassing all aspects of accounting, compliance, marketing management and agent engagement.


  • DashAPI integration
  • Send coming soon announcements via SMS and email
  • Integrated ListTrac seller reports
  • Vendor media ordering and storage
  • Broadcast buyer needs when you can’t find “the one” in MLS
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Prospective listings feature to track win/loss rate of acquiring new inventory


  • Fully customizable marketing catalog
  • Streamlined proofing delivery and approval system
  • Generate Marketing Plans to keep staff and agents on-track
  • Pay for marketing via check, credit card or commissions
  • Completed marketing gets communicated to the client – automatically!


  • DashAPI integration
  • Quickbooks Online or Brokerage Engine General Ledger
  • Pay agents via check or EFT
  • Ready-to-use reports library
  • Flat rate, accumulation, rolling 365 or threshold commission plans
  • Cap fees like franchise-fee or E&O based on $ amount or side count
  • Generate DAs and agent breakdowns in one click


  • Tasks and notifications for staff and agents
  • Assign tasks to 3rd party vendors, like photographers or sign installers
  • Track staff utilization by agent or office
  • Manage complex processes with many tasks and parties involved through Project view
  • Avoid the dreaded, “What’s this charge on my bill?” by linking task activities to invoices


  • Upload and split large PDF files
  • Send documents to the system via email
  • Quick Audit large amounts of files in a single interface
  • Have ‘conditional’ documents populate based on listing age or location
  • Complete insight into when docs are uploaded and approved – by who and when
  • An end to duplicate entry!