April 2020 Release Notes

by Apr 3, 2020Release Notes

Making work-from-home a breeze.

10 years ago, to this day, the first iPad made its way into the hands of consumers. This moment marked a transformative shift in the way software is designed and utilized. As users – our expectation is that technology should always be available at our fingertips. in a world with increased concerns over public health, this is not only relevant, but essential to the way we accomplish our work away from the office. Fun fact – Brokerage Engine works great from your mobile device. Take a look here!

In this month’s release, we discuss new features and updates in Brokerage Engine which empower you to work more effectively in this new world, all from the comfort of your couch…ahem…home office.

Slack Integration

Get instant notifications on new listing launches, tasks, statuses, order fulfillments and more. Whether you’re on a Free or Paid Slack plan, reach out to a Brokerage Engine representative today for instructions on how to get this added to your account.

Invoice Enhancements

Agents and staff now have the ability to add notes to invoices, along with linking out to Marketing Plan projects. We’ve also now introduced comprehensive audit logs to know when invoices are created, edited and paid.