August 2020 Release of Brokerage Engine

by Aug 4, 2020Release Notes

Knowledge is Power 

At an early age we’re taught to never stop learning – to always be curious of life, business and the world around us. The need for ongoing education is something that we’re presented with on a daily basis. Technology advances at a blazing pace. Society, too, can sometimes feel like it evolves at a similar clip. It is with these changes that we must adapt or be left behind.

Here at Brokerage Engine, our goal is to keep you informed on advancements to our product as we roll out new features, or just discover new ways to do things better. These release notes are part of that mission and so, too, is our growing commitment to providing on-demand training resources which we highlight this month.

On-Demand Video Tutorials

Would you like to develop your knowledge of Brokerage Engine? Check out our growing catalog of training videos located under “Tutorial Videos” in your profile dropdown.

Have a suggestion for new video topics? Drop us a line!

Virtual Open House Screencast

Virtual Open House Support

Allow prospective buyers from all around the globe to attend your open house. With Brokerage Engine’s support of Realogy’s all-new “Virtual Open House” functionality in DASH – agents can market open houses as they have in the past, but now supercharge those events with links to where they’ll be livestreaming.

Adjustable fee dropdown

Adjustable Commission-based Fees

Commission-based fees are a staple of most compensation plans. Whether you want Franchise Fees, Transaction Fees or some other type of fee calculated on each transaction – there are certain situations where one-off deals need that fee adjusted for the situation. Now, you have the ability to configure fees within your compensation plans as adjustable, allowing your transaction processing staff to make those special exceptions.

Set Office Restrictions on Marketing Opportunities*

It’s not uncommon for multi-office brokerages, especially ones who span a large geographical area, to have marketing opportunities which only apply to certain offices. With the new Office Restrictions feature, catalog administrators now have the ability to limit visibility of opportunities to only agents in those select offices.

*Please contact your Brokerage Engine representative to enable.

Pending Assignment Documents for Agents*

For customers using Brokerage Engine’s company inbox (ie. to receiving listing and transaction documents,  you now have the ability to filter by individual agents. Likewise, agents can now submit, access and assign their own documents when sending to the company inbox from the email associated to their Brokerage Engine agent profile.

*Please contact your Brokerage Engine representative to enable.

Pending Other Income Transactions in Brokerage Engine*

The ability to set Other Income transactions into Pending status is a valuable tool for transaction managers, allowing them to integrate their existing document management workflows with DASH transaction entry.

*Please contact your Brokerage Engine representative to enable.

Edit Existing Links & Docs Items

The Links & Docs dashboard widget is a helpful resource for brokerages to make important resources available to agents and staff. Brokerage Engine admin users now have the ability to update existing items with new tags, descriptions or resource links.

Merge Rental Listings

Especially helpful for customers who import residential lease listings from multiple MLS systems, Brokerage Engine now supports merging rentals. Simply visit a lease listing details page and next to the ‘Change Status’ button, click ‘Merge Listing’ from the dropdown.

Custom Marketing Opportunity Fields: Rich Text Editor

We’ve now added the option to include Rich Text Editor fields when adding instructions to marketing opportunities. This allows the agent to indicate formatting requests like text color changes, headings, etc.

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