December 2020 Release of Brokerage Engine

by Dec 9, 2020Release Notes

Release Notes: Transaction Management BETA, Feature Enhancements + More

Can you feel it? The temperature is slowly starting to drop, days are getting shorter and you can’t walk into a Target without hearing Christmas tunes. You would think the year is coming to a close and transactions are grinding to a halt. Except – this is 2020. As the Brokerage Engine team talks with our Customers across the country, the common sentiment is a resounding, “We’re busier than ever!” Which is an awesome place to be in, and one that many of us might not have foreseen back in March. To that we say – let’s keep the momentum going!

This month, we present to you a slew of new features, updates and enhancements. So many that we couldn’t fit them all into one announcement 🙂  Keep your eyes peeled through the month of December for some extra special updates to the Brokerage Engine platform.

Transaction Management: Now in BETA*

You asked for it, and now it’s here – almost! Utilizing Brokerage Engine’s Projects feature, which powers Agent Onboarding and Marketing Plans, users can setup and automatically trigger task templates the moment they go under contract. Stay on top of important dates and to-dos – all backed by Brokerage Engine’s powerful document compliance.

*Please contact to enable.

New Report – Closed Transactions

Do you know what your production is this year? The Closed Transaction report makes it even easier for busy brokers and owners to gain immediate insights into how much production they’ve closed for a given period of time.

Marketing Opportunity Activity Log

We’ve now introduced an audit log to the Marketing Opportunity edit screen. This new feature allows Admin users to more accurately track when changes are made to their catalog items.

New Report – Failed Credit Card Payments

Accounting users may now review all failed BrainTree (BT) payment processing requests from inside Brokerage Engine, making it easier to diagnose issues with Agent credit cards.

New Report – Sales Summary Report

Now available in the Commissions module, the Sales Summary report includes a variety of transaction metrics including units, volume, GCI, referral, company dollar and more. The report is grouped by month, office, and agent with summary totals along with the ability to drill down to the individual listing.

New Report – Trust Transaction Detail

Now available in the Commissions module, the Trust Transaction Detail report contains details for transactions with trust including the trust held, trust payments and payment dates, and any remaining trust amount.

Quick Audit Enhancements

For users of the Brokerage Engine Documents module, the quick audit tool is now even quicker. Users will now notice a refreshed look to the tool, and due to a massive reworking of the underlying code, can expect to save ~5 seconds of load time per document. Additionally, we’ve made it easier to filter between Pending Review and Pending Final Review documents.

Media Browser Performance Enhancements

Previewing photos in the listing media browser is now significantly faster, with the introduction of our new image rendering method.

Quality Control Task Enhancements

Users are now provided with a link to the quality control website, providing more efficiency while completing QC tasks.

Brokerage Daily Digest Office Filter

Admin users now have an ability to filter by office(s) when viewing the Brokerage Daily Digest report.

Agent Payment Profile Report Updates

We’ve updated the Agent Payment Profile report to include the total number of open invoices and total balance due, to provide better insights into an agent’s A/R standings. Additionally, Accounting users are provided with an audit log whenever an Agent user enables or disables credit card autopay.

Commission Increase/Reduction Enhancements

Commission reductions/increases are now being pulled in from Transactions to the Commissions module as a percent vs a flat amount so that if the sales price changes on the transaction, the proper commission reduction is calculated.

“Other Information” Field Syncing Enhancements

New functionality has been added so that when custom fields are added to the “Other Information” section of Transactions, that field will automatically sync to the UCC details of the corresponding Commissions module transaction to reflect the same data.

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