Sync Listings with Confidence.

Duplicate entry between MLS and your franchise listing system can be painful. It costs countless hours and is prone to errors. Listr by Brokerage Engine changes all of this. Once a listing hits your MLS, Listr feeds all the information and photos to your franchise listing system within minutes*. Listr also ensures your listings stay up-to-date as changes are made.

Enhanced MLS Integration

Every MLS system is unique, so Listr by Brokerage Engine provides a premium onboarding process that works directly with your MLS to ensure fields map perfectly to your franchise listing system.


A Smarter Sync Tool

AI-powered MLS integrations allows your listings to be imported from multiple MLS systems, deduplicated or merged and sent to your franchise listing system**.


Activity Logs

Activity logs provide complete insight into when changes are made, and by who. Listr supports manual updates on listing details and photos.

per company setup fee** monthly***
1 - 50 agents $299 $150.00
51 - 100 agents $350 $175.00
101 - 250 agents $500 $200.00
251 - 500 agents $500 $300.00
501 - 800 agents $750 $500.00
800 - 1200 agents $750 $1000.00
1200+ agents Request a Quote Request a Quote

* Listing sync timelines may be delayed due to technical limitations of your MLS. Brokerage Engine is happy to consult with your MLS team to overcome these limits, if necessary. ** Initial implementation of Listr includes one (1) MLS system. Additional MLS systems may come with an additional setup fee associated. *** Monthly fee includes Listr by Brokerage Engine service and support only. All MLS fees incurred on your behalf are the sole responsibility of the Client and will be billed directly or appear as an additional billable item on your monthly statement.

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